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Automated Sensing and Control Laboratory

Location T1-105 Tel: +886-2-2737-7099
Teacher M. J. Tsai Person in charge Hong-Yi Xue

This laboratory provides the training for the integration of micro-computer/micro-processor, data acquisition module, driving system and sensors. Some related software such as Lab View, MATLAB Simulink, VB, and C programmer are employed to implement a data acquisition or control system. The main teaching topics include
(1) Characteristics and application of automated sensing elements
(2) PC-Based I/O , AD/DA, and encoder modules
(3) Control interface of driving stage (AC/DC/step motor)
(4) Automated data acquisition system implementation
(5) Automated optical sensing researches and applications.

Research projects
Project Title

Study of a photo curable Color 3D Additive Manufacturing Technique, smart sensing technique

Project Timeline


8k Line CCD
DC Power Supply GPS3030D
Function Generator GFG3015
Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS2204
Digital Storage Oscilloscope TDS2022B
SourceMeter Keithley2420
Optical&Thermal Sensor Training Box
Optical Inspection & Control System
AC Servo Motor Displacement Control System
AC Servo Motor Positioning Control System
DC Servo Motor Speed Control System
DC Servo Motor Torque Control System
Two-Phase Stepping Motor Controlled Angle Control System
Two-Phase Stepping Motor Platform & Positioning Control System(Laser and Ultrasonic)
Electromechanical Servo Sensing Control Module
LED Color Temperature & CRI Measurement System
LED Module Automated Inspection System
Five-Phase Stepping Motor Platform &Positioning Control System