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Guideline for Course Selection




Course catalog announcement online


Course selection system website:  https://courseselection.ntust.edu.tw


Class representative may collect “Student course list before adding/dropping” at individual department office.


1. Please refer to “course selection notice” on course selection website for further detail regulations.

2. After verifying the courses you have enrolled in via the website, follow the system’s instruction, and press the button E-mail the Course selection list back to myself. The system will send the list to all students by e-mail. If you have ny questions concerning the list, log onto the system again or contact the computer center to verify your list.

3 system open hours: 9:00 - 23:00


Course adding/dropping via manual operation under special circumstances


Class representative may collect “student course lists after course  adding/dropping” at Office of Academic Affairs.


1. “Student course list after adding/dropping” will be issued after course adding/dropping period. Should any incompliance discovered, student can request for course correction to Section of Graduate Section during correction period. However, students are not allowed to use for the purpose of course adding/dropping.

2. Cashier Section will send a credit fee bill (except for zero-credit courses) after correction period ends. The academic Affairs Office will announce the names of the non-payment students and mark “Non-payment of credit fees in accordance with regulations; credits withdrawn” on their semester transcript and education program transcript.


1. The total credits for student who apply 2 nd course withdrawal shall not be lower than required credits. No credit fee will be refunded after withdrawal.

2. Withdrawn course will be shown “withdraw” on the transcript.