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Files For Graduate Exam

1.     Since Jun 20, 2007, all graduate students should follow the procedure to complete the application of Master Degree exam:


        (1) Log in the website, ”Student Information System” , to fill in the thesis title as well as the advisor information and then to complete and print out the form, "Application form of the Oral Exam for Master Degree" and "Recommendation Form of Oral Exam Committee and Schedule of Master Degree Exam", with the advisor’s signature.

(2) Submit the two forms to the Institute office (Rm. T1-203A).
Note: The invitation letters of the committee members will be prepared by the office


2.     Relevant documents and reference materials for degree exam:

Please log in the website, "Student Information System" , to print the documents, "Thesis Approval Form", "Recommendation Form of Master Degree Exam", "Evaluation Sheet of Exam", etc.


3.     Regulations of Thesis and Dissertation

(1) Format of thesis and dissertation: Please follow the Collection of Major Regulations of Academic Affairs Regulations for Graduate Students compiled by office of academic affairs.

(2) To know the cover’s color for paper-covered thesis of the year which is used by the Institute, please ask the representative of each class, read the notification of the year or ask the Institute office after receiving the Thesis Approval Form signed by the head of the Institute.

(3) According to "Procedure to Submit Electronic and Hardcopy Theses for Graduate Students ”, which is the second amendment of the 436th executive council of the University on April 14th ,2006. It has ruled that,

  •         Graduate students must discuss with adviser about the attribution of the thesis’ copyright.
  •         Both Authorizations of hardcopy and electronic theses should be downloaded and printed out from “The Thesis of NTUST” and be signed.
  •         Since the 2nd semester of the academic year 2005, graduate students do not need to upload theses to the National Central Library by themselves, since the University library will directly send them for students.
  •         Please link to “The thesis of NTUST” to know about the course and related instructions of handing in electronic and hardcopy thesis.